Thermal Proof Roof Paint

Eco Paint now offers a fantastic new product, Thermal Proof Roof Paint.
You might be thinking to yourself what is Thermal Proof Roof Paint and what are its applications? In this short article, we will be answering all your queries in detail.
Thermal Proof Roof Paint is used on many household roofs as insulation during the winter months and cools the house down during the summer. Once applied, you can expect to read temperature differences of between 7 & 14 degrees within the house. It can be applied to tiled, corrugated iron and wooden roofs.

• High degree of elasticity with exceptional scrubbing endurance
• Excellent adhesion and colour fastness
• Natural fungi retardant
• No hardening or deterioration with age

Colour: Available in a variety of colours
UV resistance: Excellent
Chemical resistance: Excellent
Water resistance: Excellent
Hardening resistance: Excellent
Drying time: 30 min (touch dry) 24 hours (full cure)
Spreading rate: 8-10 m²/L

The paint is heat and fungi resistant and very easy to clean with water. This means hassle free roof maintenance as moulds etc. will not be growing on your roof and regular cleaning will not be needed.
The thermal proof roof paint can be used on other walls too where ever you might want to insulate and protect.
Feel free to view the technical data sheet concerning this product here

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