We were introduced to SelfCoat paint at Riverside Mall a little over 6 years ago where I was the Facilities Manager up until my retirement in February 2012. We were impressed with the track record of the products and applied SelfCoat products to areas at Riverside Mall and at the Farm Far Horizons with excellent results.
Daryll Killerby / Riverside Mall, Nelspruit, Old Mutual Properties
The Application of Self Coat in restoration of Pilgrim’s Rest Historical Mining town.

In 1990, we were introduced to Self-Coat. After years of scepticism about paints, we decided to use these paints on the brand new roofs of the present offices of Public Works. It was a major success and to date there has been no peeling, no blistering and above all no discolouration.

The following buildings have been painted with Self-Coat and are examples of the exceptional qualities of the product:

  • Rambler’s House (Exterior)
  • Residence (Exterior)
  • Royal Cottage (Exterior)
  • Scotts Café (Roof)
  • Residence (Roof)
  • District Six Holiday Cottages (Exterior and interior)
  • Pilgrim’s Hotel (Exterior)
  • Royal Hotel (Roof)
  • Drezden Shop Museum (Exterior)
  • Belvedere Guest House (Exterior)

The dampness within the old bricks contributes towards a major problem with efflorescence. The worse affected building was the Pilgrim’s and Sabie News Printing Museum where it was decided to use Self-Coat in an attempt to combat the problem. The results have been unbelievable and no trace of any efflorescence is visible since it has been painted. Over the past years it has never required a repaint or even a touch up.

According to the Architect who was responsible for the restoration of the Royal Hotel Complex, Mr Leon Holzapfel (Indusplan 012 348 3047), due to very high UV radiation the life span of wood would be less than a year. Many products have been used over the years but the problem could not be solved. We have experimented with the use of Self-Coat on all exterior woodwork of the Bank House. Thus far the results are in line with what we have come to expect from Self-Coat and we sincerely believe that the problem is solved.

Large amounts were expended on restoration in the past. If Self-Coat was used from the onset, the savings on corrugated iron, various paints and products and even the demolishing of structures could have run into the millions.

The retail price of Self-Coat compares favourably with the price of the other commercial paints, but real saving lies in the durability of Self-Coat. The fact that structures don’t have to be repainted on a regular basis has already saved this office a substantial amount. It seems like Self-Coat can solve any problem.

In our use of Self-Coat over the past years the following are the important qualities of Self-Coat I have come to respect:

  • Durability
  • Economy
  • Flexibility as it can be used on any surface
  • Ease with which it is applied
  • Healthy as it is VOC free and thus environmentally friendly
  • Availability of colours and colourfastness
AP Certon / Mpumalanga Province Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport
I the undersigned Johannes Cornelius Swart living at the Hebron Farm, district White River, Mpumalanga hereby certify that I have painted my house on this farm with Self-Coat paint, interior and exterior in September 1976, since then it was never repainted again. The interior and exterior are yearly washed down, and the roof scrubbed down, the house and roof then looks like new again. Many thanks to Self-Coat for this service rendered to us. I strongly recommend the use of this product to any person who intends painting.
Johannes Swart / Hebron Farm, Mpumalanga
This letter servers as a testimonial to the product that the Rustenburg Local Municipality receives from your company. The paint that you supply us with is of outstanding quality. The competing products of well known brands are eight times less effective than that of your product in tests done over a period of one year.

Not only is the lifespan of your product effective, but also the application thereof in terms of saving when you apply it to the road surface by half.

We thank you for your product and wish you all the best for future relationship with the Municipality.

Mr S S Kotsedi / Rustenburg Local Municipality
Our hothouse is a controlled environment for the rearing of hatchling crocodiles. There is always a high level of humidity and the temperature constant at approx. 32 degrees Celsius. The level of corrosion on the steelwork was considerable, and in earlier years we struggled with various paints. Eventually the corrosion began to do serious damage. At that point SelfCoat entered the picture. The entire roof was removed. All I-beams and purlins were sandblasted, painted with SelfCoat Metal-Treat and one coat of SelfCoat colour paint.

Four years down the line the paintwork is still perfect, the corrosion is completely under control and my problems are solved. Anybody who needs paintwork of quality and endurance can certainly look to SelfCoat for excellent results and I strongly recommend their experience in this field as that of the best.

Jeremy Wostenholm / Seronera Crocodile Farm, Mpumalanga
I hereby wish to inform you that in 1982 I applied the abovementioned paint to the roof of my tobacco bulking shed and tobacco barns and have been extremely satisfied with the product. This is an amazing product which keeps our shed five degrees cooler in the summer months and has stood up very well to the elements including severe hail storms. It also prevents excess heat from entering the tobacco barns. I must congratulate you on this fine product.
WJ Van Zyl / Waterfall Farm, Mpumalanga
Lizanne van der Spuy
I am so impressed with Eco Paint Solutions: their paint rivals any traditional ‘big brand’ paint in terms of quality and affordability. They beat any other brand hands down on service. And then, on top of that, the paint is absolutely eco friendly. I cannot imagine why anyone would use any other paint.
Lizanne van der Spuy / Cape Point Vineyards, Cape Town
We would definitely recommend Eco Paint’s paints and primers, especially if you have children, because the peace of mind one has in knowing that paint is not only lead-free, but also virtually odourless and non-toxic (in the unfortunate event that the child ingests some) is priceless. In addition, a product which is solvent-free and competitively priced makes this product invaluable in the home. Products such as these paints should become not only the alternative to conventional paints, but should eventually replace them.
Janine Lange / Home owner, Cape Town
Neil McCreadie
We have recently painted our entire house, inside and out, with EcoPaint and were amazed by the quality, as well as how little paint we actually needed to get the job done! We went with an earthy grey Elite Satin for the exterior, with white trim and dark imbuia Clear Guard Wood Seal for the timber. Then for the interior we went with a mid grey painted with the Eco Silk range, and even with a matt finish it’s proven to be extremely durable and washable. Colour matching was spot-on and service was excellent. Highly recommended.
Neil McCreadie / Home owner, Cape Town