Create a safe environment and slip prevention with this great product from Eco Paint

Eco Paint’s rubber guard – the best product to use on your stairs for non-slip and anti-corrosion purposes!

Eco Paint’s rubber guard is designed with safety in mind towards those that use your steps, as well as protect the surface of the stairs. With useful properties such as corrosion and moderate abrasion protection, it really is the perfect product to use on your home.

Eco Paint’s Rubber Guard is available in limited colours. It has a shelf life of over a year being non-flammable. We recommend not thinning the product as it is ready to use straight away.

Please note that in this post we will be using an example of applying this paint to your household steps however rubber guard can be used on a multitude of everyday surfaces – metal, concrete, and wood.

Step one

  • Make sure that the surface you are wanting to apply rubber guard to is clean of any grease, chemicals and dust
  • If the surface is metal, you would want to remove any rust and treat the surface with a rust protector before applying rubber guard

Step two

  • Before going all out, test a section with a sample of the rubber guard to make sure it applies well
  • Remember to stir the product well before application
  • You are able to apply 6mm thickness of the product which helps with vibration if needed
  • You can use a spray gun, brush or textured roller when painting it on
  • Drying time varies on conditions but 24hours should be long enough

This product is eco-friendly and contains no harmful chemicals or odours. It is UV resistant, provides a high quality non slip surface for stairs and ramps and you only need to use water to clean it.

For further technical information, please click here or to purchase this product online click here.