Eco Paint’s Glow in the dark paint

Create a wonderland of endless application possibilities for your kids with Eco Paint’s Glow in the dark!

The world is your oyster with this innovative and exciting product! Being able to create something new and interesting for your children’s room is something that all parents would like to do. With this clear coat glow in the dark paint from Eco Paint now you can.

The paint is eco-friendly and releases no harmful odour into the surrounding air and can be used on any surface. Another great aspect of this paint is that when it is dry the painted area is tough, durable and non-abrasive – Bring on kiddies play time!

To apply the product…

  • Make sure that the surface of the area where you want to paint is clean and dry.
  • The paint is water based however as with all painting projects we suggest covering the floor with a protective sheet of sorts.
  • Remember to stir the product well before applying.
  • You can apply the paint with rollers or brushes of your choice.
  • Drying is best left for 24 hours but is dry to the touch after 6hours.

The creative limits have been lifted and you are free to explore. A few creative ideas we suggest:

  • Bring life to your children’s plain ceiling by painting a moon and stars (the Milky Way anyone?)
  • An inspirational or endearing quote
  • An underwater world alive with dolphins, whales and long legged octopus

Other than expressing your creative side in your children’s room, this product is perfect for more serious applications such as fire exits and directional arrows for when you have a power outage.

Eco Paint’s Glow in the Dark is also a great option for hotels and malls, where you have an influx of visitors that may require information or directions at night.

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