Convert your indoor furniture to outdoor furniture with clear guard wood sealant

If you not the handy man type do not stress as this DIY project is as easy as Childs play. Anyone can do it. Bring your old indoor furniture to life again by converting them to outdoor pieces that you can transform into anything you like. With summer around the bend what better than to have a place for you and your friends to sit in the garden perhaps and share those beautiful summer evenings. Here’s how to convert an indoor chair to be able to withstand outdoor conditions with clear guard wood sealant from Eco Paint.

Step one

Find yourself a chair that has been stored away for decades and used indoors previously or even a chair you tired of indoors that you would rather use outside.

Step two

You are going to want to sand the chair down to strip away all previous paints, sealants and varnishes. Don’t worry about hair line cracks as wood guard sealant from Eco Paint will fill the cracks and seal them off. This prevents swelling of the wood and moisture entering the chair.

Step three

Once the chair has been properly sanded then wipe it down with a damp cloth and let leave to dry. You want your surface to be perfectly dry before applying this wood guard sealant.

Step four

Apply the sealant and allow drying. This can take up to 24hours. You might notice a sheen once applied but don’t worry as this will go away soon. The product is excellent in acting as a barrier to moisture, resists chemical exposure, protects your furniture again UV light, hardens and spreads well and preserves the life of object you applying it to.

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